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Knkong Electric Morning running

In May, there is no rain, only the sun shinee, and the air is particularly fresh after the rain. The lazy spring has passed, and it is time to wake up our bodies.
Morning running is undoubtedly a better sport. While sweating, it not only strengthens our physique but also allows us to take our best form and go to work and live.
For this reason, Sanhe Electric has specially launched the activity of “Ending Sub-health and Healthy Sanhe People”. Every morning at 8:20, all Sanhe employees had already assembled downstairs. Team up, warm up, line up, start at 8:25 on time.

Knkong Electric

Knkong Electric is a Professional Switchgear Manufacturer for EPC(Engineering Procurement Construction).High quality and best service switchgear supplier.Knkong Electric has strong R&D capability & offers ODM/OEM service for MV & LV switchgear.

During the morning run, although most people were panting due to lack of exercise, everyone insisted on the end of the morning run. Looking at the sweaty faces of everyone, I believe everyone was painful and happy. Let's give ourselves a great encouragement!

Date:2019-05-17 09:15

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