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Happy Mother's Day

God cannot care for everyone, so God created the mother.  -"The Revenge of a Mother"
I want to say "Mom, I love you!"
If you feel that you have grown up and are too shy to speak,
Just give her a bunch of carnations and a hug;
If it's too far away, call her to talk about trivia and listen to her nagging.

We always feel that the time is still long, there will always be opportunities, but at the end of the world, regrets are inevitable, so in this particular festival, I hope you can be brave and express your attachment and miss your mother. Maybe, this is the festival Meaning.
Here only represents Knkong Electric wishing all mothers of the world a happy holiday, and hopes that mothers can have a beautiful, happy, peaceful, healthy, and healthy life.

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Date:2019-05-11 11:20

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