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Great Love—Knkong Electric Co., Ltd. Blood Donation Activity

In order to promote the humanitarian spirit of unity and friendship of the Chinese nation, promote and disseminate the traditional virtues of selfless dedication, and respond to the free blood donation initiative of the park, our company organized employees to actively participate in unpaid blood donation activities.

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At 10 am on October 24, employees of the company participating in unpaid blood donation came to the blood collection point one after another. Under the guidance of the staff, they carefully filled in the blood donation registration form, measured blood pressure, and took blood tests. After passing the test, they were red in Henan Province. Donate blood for free at the mobile station of the Cross Blood Donation Center.

Knkong Electric

Some of them donated their blood for the first time, and their expressions were slightly nervous, while some employees who had donated blood many times were waiting with a relaxed face. From time to time, they made jokes to ease the atmosphere of the scene. In this way, the emotions of the employees who donated blood for the first time were slow Slowly calmed down.

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Date:2018-10-24 10:35

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