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Travel time

The weather in May was just right, the sun was shining and the breeze was not dry. Knkong employees who had been busy with production tasks for nearly a month could finally relax a little.

Knkong Electric

Near the weekend, the weather is just right, the work is just right, everything is just right, in order to let everyone relax and reduce pressure, but also to allow everyone to enhance communication in the natural beauty and increase the cohesion of the team, the company leadership decided to organize all employees to travel for a day on the weekend. On the morning of Saturday, May 26th, all employees of Knkong Electric went to this tourist destination—Baoquan, Huixian.

Knkong Electric

Two and a half hours later, the bus parked steadily on the Taohua parking lot of Baoquan Resort. The scenery after getting off the car was bright. The green mountains, green water, blue sky, and white clouds almost contained our All of the imagination of everyone's face is hard to hide the excitement, and one by one took a mobile phone to start taking pictures.

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After the noisy whole team, everyone took a group photo of Zhang Da compared to the classic scissors hand, and then according to the previous day's team, the team leader led the team members to start a photo tour

The children were not too lonely, and they laughed happily in front of the camera!

Date:2018-05-29 10:35

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