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Fight against COVID-19, donate to warm people's hearts

The Spring Festival in 2020 was originally a happy time for family reunion and gathering together, but the sudden COVID-19 broke the beautiful and peaceful atmosphere.

As the epidemic situation became more and more serious, all the news in the epidemic area affected the people of the whole country. At this special moment, Knkong Electric took action as soon as possible.


Knkong Electric is a  Professional Switchgear Manufacturer for EPC(Engineering Procurement Construction)


When medical supplies were urgent, the company urgently purchased a batch of masks and disinfection supplies and sent them to Zhengzhou Material Donation Point.


The epidemic situation is the order, and prevention and control is the responsibility. Knkong Electric set up the anti-epidemic prevention and control team headed by the general manager for the first time. 


Passing care and gathering warmth. A box of supplies is part of Knkong Electric's responsibility and love, and the donations time and time again are the company's speechless support to the society. Let us help each other and jointly win this people's health defense battle against COVID-19.

Knkong Electric

Knkong Electric

Date:2020-02-10 06:55

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