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Knkong Electric 2020 Thanksgiving Appreciation Party Held Successfully

The opening dance "Me and My Motherland" set off a red sea at the venue, and our hearts, like this bright red flag, were very passionate. 2019 is an extraordinary year, the 70th birthday of the motherland, and Knkong Electric ushered in growth. In 2020, the motherland will take off and Knkong will forge ahead!

At the beginning of the party, Knkong Electric Chairman Provincial Xing took the stage to make a speech, summarized the company's development in the past year, expressed gratitude to all employees and partners, and gave a new outlook for the work in 2020.

Knkong Electric is a leader of switchgear manufacturer.

"Do not forget the original intention, remember the mission", the hardworking Knkong people ushered in today's achievements, in order to recognize the achievements of colleagues in the work of the past year, and encourage everyone to create new ones in the new year with great achievements, Knkong Electric held a grand awards ceremony at the annual meeting. At this moment, Knkong Electric is proud of you!

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Date:2020-01-13 11:40

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