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Work together to fight against the epidemic and resume work orderly

The epidemic situation is the order, and prevention and control is the responsibility. In response to the national call, the work of resuming work and resuming production is fully completed to ensure the correctness of resumption of work and epidemic prevention. The working group clarified the requirements for epidemic prevention and control, and at the same time stored masks, disinfection supplies and other epidemic prevention materials to prepare for the company's resumption of production.


After completing the submission of a series of rework records, Knkong Electric officially resumed work.


In order to ensure the safety of employees, the logistics personnel disinfect the inside of the company every day, leaving corners and corners intact, strictly in accordance with epidemic prevention requirements.


Knkong Electric arranges for someone to carry out body temperature measurement, registration, and disinfection during work. It requires employees to wear masks during work, and reminds employees to wash their hands frequently and provide more ventilation to ensure the health and safety of each employee.


In the employee restaurant, Knkong Electric implements batch dining, scattered dining, to avoid the gathering of people.


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Knkong Electric

Knkong Electric

Date:2020-03-04 10:30

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