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Happy New Year's Day

Knkong Electric Co., Ltd. wishes you a happy New Year's Day


New Year's Day, the "New Year" commonly known by most countries in the world, is the first day of the new year in the Gregorian calendar. Yuan means "first"; Dan means "day"; "New Year's Day" means "first day". The word "New Year's Day" first appeared in Jinshu, but its meaning has been used for more than 4000 years.

In ancient China, the first month of the lunar month, October, etc. was New Year’s Day, and the Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty started on January 1st of the lunar calendar. In 1949, the People’s Republic of China also adopted January 1st of the Gregorian calendar as the New Year’s Day. year".


Legend has it that during the prosperous age of Yao Shun in the ancient times, when Yao Tianzi was in office, he worked hard for the people and did a lot of good things for the people. He was loved by the majority of the people, but because his son was not very talented, he did not take the throne of "Tianzi" It was passed on to his son, but to Shun who had both moral character and ability.

Yao said to Shun: "You must pass on the emperor's throne in the future, and you will feel relieved after I die." Later Shun passed on the emperor to Yu, who has done a good job in flood control. Yu also loved the people like Shun. Many good things are loved by others.
Later, when Yao died, the day when Emperor Shun sacrificed Heaven and Earth and Emperor Yao as the beginning of the year, the first day of the first lunar month was called "New Year's Day" or "Yuanzheng". This is the ancient New Year's Day.


New Year's Day is approaching, the beginning of the new year, whether you are reading the article in the cold north or the wet and cold south, Knkong Electric Co., Ltd. will send you the most sincere blessings, the new year I wish you: a smooth work, Family fun!

happy new year

Date:2020-01-01 10:00

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