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On April 17-2020, Knkong Electric Co., Ltd. held a meeting to announce the appointment of cadres. At the meeting, the General Manager Office read out the appointment documents for the relevant cadres. A total of four cadres were appointed this time, namely Wang Lin as the chief engineer, Zhao Haijun as the vice president of production, Sun Jiubin as the manager of the commercial department, and Shen Xiaomin as the chief financial officer.

Chairman Xing made an important speech on the appointment at the meeting, and placed high hopes on the four cadres: I hope that the four new cadres will live up to expectations, assume responsibility and responsibility, continue to strengthen their learning, and enhance their personal management level and technology Level, business level, set a good example in work, and play a leading role. Misrepresenting the country and working hard to improve the country, I hope to be able to hand in satisfactory answers in the following work.


Knkong Electric Chairman

Date:2020-04-18 10:20

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